Journaling 101: How to Journal More in 2020

Every year I make it my New Years’ resolution to journal more and every year I fail. However, last year I did manage to journal the most I ever have and this year I plan on stepping up my journaling game even more. In this post I wanted to share with you my tips on how I journal more, so that you can to.

Buy a notebook that sparks joy! A notebook that sparks joy within you every time you see it will invite you to write your thoughts down. It doesn’t have to be an expensive notebook with the best quality paper, just something that calls your name from the shelf. I recommend checking out ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ on Netflix if you’re unsure what sparking joy means!

Try different types of journals. If a plain notebook doesn’t invite you to journal, try something with a little more structure (or even try bullet journaling~ see Pinterest for some inspiration). I like this journal from ‘Next’ as it gives me journaling prompts and makes it easier to collect my thoughts on paper.

Daily journal from ‘Next’.

Leave the notebook somewhere you’ll see it. By leaving the notebook in an easily accessible location you’ll be reminded to write in it as much as possible. Try leaving the journal open on the last page you wrote on (so you can reflect on your last entry and write from where you left off) or on a blank page if this sparks your creativity a little more.

Use your favourite pen. This might sound trivial, but using your favourite pen will make journaling more enjoyable. The ink will flow better on the page and the pen will feel comfortable in your hand, making the process of journaling come more naturally. You’ll want to journal almost every day!

These pens are from ‘The Happy Newspaper’!

Set an alarm if you’re struggling. Setting a reminder/alarm at the same time everyday is a great way to remind yourself to journal (especially if you want to stay dedicated to this particular New Years’ Resolution). Make sure to set your alarm to a time you know you’ll be free almost every day.

Write like nobody else will read it! The most important thing to remember is to write your thoughts down as if nobody else will pick up your journal and read what you’ve written. This is something I’ve only just started doing myself and let me tell you, it’s so freeing! Remember, it’s totally okay to hide your journal somewhere away from prying eyes (especially if you live with others) because what you write in your personal journal is none of their business!


I hope you’ve found this blog post helpful and that you feel inspired to write in your journal more in 2020! Comment below which tip helped the most, or message me on Instagram.

Happy journaling! Chelsea xo

(This post is not sponsored and all views and opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.)