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Though you might think it’s best to stay away from technology whilst studying, these apps will help you put your phone to good use during term time.

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Quizlet is a free app that can act as a replacement (or double up) for revision cards. It’s the perfect app if you want to revise on the go. You simply input the information you want to revise and use the five different ways they offer to learn. 

My favourite is ‘Match’, where you race against the clock to match the correct answers with each other. 

Though there are Ads that pop up on the free version they’re not annoyingly large and don’t get in the way of your revision, so you don’t really need to pay for the premium version (unless of course you want to take full advantage of the app). 

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Drops is a really cute and fun way to study a language on your phone or tablet! I’m currently learning Japanese and find the games on this app useful for revising Hiragana and Katakana, as well as vocabulary. This app allows you to learn a variety of vocabulary at the same time and as you progress you unlock even more words to study. Again, Drops is a free app with premium features but I don’t find the Ads particularly annoying. 

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Hello Talk:

If you’re learning a language you might be interested in Hello Talk. It’s a social media app with a twist, since you have the opportunity to easily find people who are native speakers of the language you’re studying so you can have conversations in that language and learn how to talk like a native. I personally think Hello Talk is an amazing app. It has easy to change privacy settings so you can share as little or as much information as you want with the people that you’re messaging. It’s so much fun to make friends from all around the globe!

Hello Talk is also a free app with premium features and Ads that don’t get in the way. 

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If you’re not one for revision apps and would rather stay away from your phone all together then ‘Forest’ is the app for you! It works as an app blocker so you can’t use anything else on your phone while you’re studying. Depending on how long you want to study for, the app allows you to set a timer that will grow a tree (or multiple trees) as a mark of your studying- without getting distracted. As you grow trees you earn coins that you can save up until you have enough money to buy different types of trees- including real ones that will be planted by ‘Trees for the Future’! If you do slip up and end up using your phone the tree you’re growing will die… so stay focused! Forest is currently £1.99 in the App Store. 

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I hope this post has opened your eyes to a few productive ways you can use your phone or tablet whilst studying. If you do end up using any of these apps comment below if they helped you out, or message me on Instagram (@studiousleigh). I’d love to hear from you! 

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