Plastic Free Swaps I’ve Been Loving (With Honest Reviews)

Living alone has been a huge eye-opener to how much plastic waste I personally consume and has made me realise that I want to reduce the amount of plastic I bring into my home (and ultimately throw away). The recent BBC documentary ‘War on Plastic’ was the perfect visual warning- showing viewers how many single-use plastics the average UK home throws away each week and after watching I wanted to contribute towards the ‘War on Plastic’ and swap my single-use plastics for plastic free alternatives. Here are some of my favourites:

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– ‘Planet Detox’ Lemon Syllabub Dish Washing Bar (£5.80 for 125g) and ‘Eco Living’ Wooden Dish Brush With Plant Bristles (£4.50) purchased from

This was my first time using a dish washing bar in place of washing-up liquid and I was pleasantly surprised. While you don’t get quite as many bubbles with the bar as you would a regular washing-up liquid it still lathers really well, especially when paired with the dish brush. This product is also naturally antiseptic and antibacterial which put my mind at ease. All packaging is recyclable and compostable which is brilliant and the list of ingredients only features the essentials- which is perfect because I’m also trying to reduce how many harsh chemicals I bring into my home. It also smells like lemon curd and leaves my sink extremely clean!

While I love both of these products I would probably switch the brush out for one with replaceable heads, instead of having to throw away the handle too when the product comes to the end of its life.

4/5 Stars!

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– ‘Ocean Saver’ All Purpose Floor Cleaner in Rhubarb Coral (£1.50) purchased from Sainsbury’s (in-store).

Once my regular cleaning products had run out I decided to purchase this plastic free floor cleaner from ‘Ocean Saver’ and their ‘Anti-Bac EcoDrop’ in Ocean Mist scent. While I am yet to use the floor cleaner, I’ve been using the Anti-Bac Cleaner for a while now and absolutely love it. It works well all around your home, from the kitchen to the bathroom and beyond. It also smells delicious, so I’m very excited to try the Rhubarb scent.

These products are made from plant-based ingredients and the packaging is totally biodegradable. They are also pretty inexpensive and perfect for a student budget.

5/5 Stars!

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– ‘Earth Conscious’ Pure Unscented Deodorant Tin (£7 for 60g) purchased from Holland and Barrett (in-store).

It had been bugging me for a while that most deodorants you see in drug-stores are cased in plastic (with a few in glass bottles, with plastic lids and plastic applicators making them difficult to recycle). Once my original deodorant had run out I decided to purchase this plastic free alternative from ‘Earth Conscious’. I chose the unscented option as it was difficult for me to test the scents, due to shops removing testers, so I kept it simple and am pretty happy with my choice.

The ingredients are all natural and even include ‘Shea Butter’ which is a really nice and skin-friendly moisturiser- perfect if you have sensitive skin like me. All ingredients are vegan approved and the product is free from aluminium.

10p of each ‘Earth Conscience’ sale goes towards the Marine Conservation Society, so you can buy with a clean and marine friendly conscience! It’s also important to note that their company is against animal testing.

The only downside to this product is that it’s significantly more expensive than drug-store deodorants.

4/5 Stars!

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– ‘Georganics’ Natural toothpaste in English Peppermint (£6.90 for 60ml) purchased from Holland and Barrett (in-store).

Unlike the other products featured in this post, I have tried a plastic free toothpaste alternative before. I tried the ‘Lush’ toothy-tabs a few years ago and really disliked the taste, but I decided to try my luck again with the ‘Georganics’ Natural Toothpaste in English Peppermint.

I have to admit, at first the taste isn’t the best. As soon as you put the pea sized amount in your mouth you’re hit with quite a salty taste, but once you get enough water in your mouth, the salty taste is replaced by a more refreshing one. It also leaves you with a nice mint aftertaste.

I can’t say I’m even close to being an expert on ingredients and understanding what all of those pesky scientific names mean, but the draw to this product for me was that it is free from fluoride, glycerin and SLS. The formula is also non-foaming (which I find to be something I hate with regular toothpaste) with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

The main downside to this product is that it’s significantly more expensive than a regular drug-store toothpaste, but the packaging is entirely plastic free.

3/5 Stars!

Overall, I’m really happy with all of the products I decided to purchase. Their ingredient lists are significantly reduced and all of the ingredients are natural and/or plant-based. They are also all entirely plastic free but please be aware that depending on where you purchase from these products may be shipped in plastic- which is why I prefer to order from ‘Peace With The Wild’ or shop in-store.

I hope that this post will help you in your journey to becoming more environmentally friendly, and reducing the amount of single-use plastics you bring into your home.

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